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Nephritis Misdiagnosis
11 jan
Minnesota Oral Surgeon Settles Medical Malpractice Lawsuit with Family for $2.06 Million

When Sydney Galleger was told that she needed to get her wisdom teeth removed, she decided to wait until she finished her junior year of high school. Galleger was busy with her final exams and planning out which colleges she would be applying to the next year. On June 9, 2015, a few weeks after her

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Newsome | Melton cases
01 may
Mob Attacks Hospital in India After Alleged Malpractice Claims Infant’s Life

Last week around 30 outraged Kolkata citizens violently attacked a hospital in India after the death of Kuheli Chakraborty, a four-month-old infant. The enraged mob reportedly cracked the glass doors at the entrance of the facility prompting police intervention to break up the protesters. Kuheli’s parents allege that if not for the negligence of doctors

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Wrongful Death