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Nephritis Misdiagnosis
20 jul
Washington Jury Finds Harborview Medical Center Liable for Montana Woman’s Paralysis; Family Awarded $25.3 Million

Jerri Woodring-Thueson was an avid mountain biker. She and her husband, Erik Thueson, would take advantage of any free time they had to hit the trails. But that all changed on her last ride in the fall of 2013, when Woodring-Thueson, then 49, suffered from a minor stroke. She was rushed to a hospital in

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Minnesota Jury Finds Nurse Negligent for Wrongful Death
16 nov
Arizona Jury Finds Medical Center Liable For 2013 Malpractice; Family Awarded $12 Million

Esmeralda Tripp, then 42, went to see her doctor for a checkup in September 2013. Tripp was taking a prescribed blood thinner called Coumadin and she had a history of seizures. Her primary physician was concerned that her blood was actually too thin and told Tripp that she needed to go straight to an emergency

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